Sunday, October 2, 2011

Play It Again

Ok I know we usualy share scrapbooking kits and pictures. But we have a very special book to share. We have both read and loved it very much. This story really keeps the mind interested and waiting for the next moment.

Here's a sneak peak!
A life story of wanting, nothing more than a chance to be, and finally realizing, someone you already are, realizing the others in your life are consequential necessities and happily remembering it again and again and again......The continuing science fiction romance fantasy spy saga of learning to truly love who you are and whom you've become and hoping you haven't lost anyone you love in between being a CIA farm recruited spy operative and cavorting with all the beautiful women, mademoiselles, chicas and hula dancers. An exciting adventure through life and not life, learning to be someone you don't really want to be. Cover idea from two and a half men television ads. Full of fun adventure, espionage, intrigue, murder love, romance, and living the rich, powerful and luxurious life styles. No Ashton, Walden, Charlie, Jon, Jake, Angus , Alan, Sheen, Harper, Schmidt, Evelyn, Rose, or Berta. Well there is one Rose and several grand pianos, a gun or two and some killing, loving and spying.

You can Find This at Play It Again. Make sure to grab your copy today!

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